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Fill out the Google form to let us know what we can help you  with.  We’ll brainstorm ideas regarding anything that effects the day-to-day life in a music and movement classroom.  Want to know about classroom management ideas in a really active space?  Just ask.  Need ideas on how to process a lesson?  We’re here.  New to the elemental approach to music and movement and not sure where to start?  Let us know!

Next meeting:  The 2023-2024 School Year

Topic:  Stay tuned for details regarding Help Desk.  Updates to come in August.

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Past Help Desk Topics:

  • 2/07/2023 – Non-traditional and Standard Notation
  • 3/01/2023 – Balancing Curricular Goals – Breadth vs. Depth
  • 5/09/2023 – Self-Care for Educators and End of Year Ideas