The American Center for Elemental Music and Movement envisions a global society where all have access to the transformative possibilities of elemental music and movement. 

Mission Statement

The American Center for Elemental Music and Movement will connect,  support, and amplify the power of elemental music and movement by providing resources and opportunities to educators, organizations, and communities.

Core Values


ACEMM affirms that the most effective way to impact a community is by empowering passionate educators and community leaders.  We are committed to: 

  • Offering professional learning opportunities
  • Maintaining publishing platforms to promote original work by educators for educators
  • Recognizing excellence in music and movement education

Funding promotion of expansion of elemental music and movement education around the world

  • ACEMM upholds the tenet that equity and inclusion within music and movement education is imperative. 
  • As an organization we are committed to recognize and speak out against racial inequity and to seek out a world where music and movement education is a place where anti-racist teaching is embraced and valued. 
  • We listen to and learn from marginalized communities, reflect upon our practices as an organization, and continue to share diverse resources for individual, community, and classroom settings.

ACEMM strives to provide professional development opportunities for teachers and community leaders that highlight and leverage the power of elemental music and movement. We seek to create a supportive environment where educators can share and learn from each other through opportunities such as:  

  • Lesson resources
  • Workshops
  • Scholarships
  • Grant opportunities

ACEMM is committed to recognizing excellence in elemental music and movement educators’ contributions to the global community through awards such as:

  • Beacon Scholarships
  • Spotlight Awards
  • Spark Grants  

As an organization we strive to set and maintain a consistently high standard of excellence for our offerings and interactions. 

  • ACEMM is dedicated to expanding the boundaries of elemental music and movement in ways that are timely and relevant to all individuals and communities involved.
  • We seek out innovative individuals to give their voices a platform to promote the expansion of elemental music and movement.
  • We aim to establish partnerships with like-minded organizations to further the reach and amplify the impacts of our mutually shared goals.