Spark Grant

ACEMM is offering mini grants to help fund projects and programs that support elemental music and movement opportunities at the local level. Most active music/movement educators have had…

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Come to the Catskills! ACEMM 2019 Retreat and Jamboree

“Frost Valley is a phenomenally beautiful place.”  
― Lifelong visitor

The ACEMM Retreat and Jamboree will blend the beauty of nature that Frost Valley offers with meaningful collaboration with professional educators as well as create possibilities for participants to simply be together as artists and humans sharing in community music making experiences.

ACEMM Welcomes David Thaxton to Board of Directors!

David Thaxton brings his gifts and vision to ACEMM Board of Directors!
We are thrilled to announce that David has joined our Board of Trustees and look forward to working together to help create exciting new opportunities for elemental music and movement!

Who is ACEMM?

You may have seen one of our posts on Facebook, or visited our booth at the AOSA National Conference this week in Cincinnati. Perhaps you know a teaching colleague who was featured in our Spotlight Awards. But do you know who ACEMM is?

Come See ACEMM in Cincinnati at the AOSA Conference!

We know you love ACEMM as much as we do! 

Stop by the ACEMM booth, snap a photo, and share a few thoughts on why #iloveACEMM. The exhibit hall’s grand opening is at 5:30 on Thursday, stop by then at our booth, say hello, and pick up a newly designed set of ACEMM building block rhythm cards! 

Happy Halloween from ACEMM

No tricks! You’ve been a treat for ACEMM all the year through! We wanted to reach out to you and say thanks for being a member of our community, and for the support so many have shown for our mission to promote the possibilities of elemental music and movement at the local, regional and national level.

Our latest short post shares a few of the great treats ACEMM is able to share because of you!

Nature’s Second Instrument: Rhythm

Explore possibilities of rhythm and form in Cyndee Giebler’s second installment on Elemental Composition! Using just quarter notes, two eighth notes, and quarter rests, discover Cyndee’s ideas for using a simple 8-measure composition as inspiration for providing a ready-made musical context for just about anything you and your students are passionate about.  Simply stated, you can start having fun in a “snap!”

Contributing to a Better World: Project-Based Learning through Music, by K. Michelle Lewis

Come along on a journey with second graders who were motivated to help others halfway across the world! Inspired by a children’s book, these students creatively brainstorm and collaborate to provide clean drinking water for people in Africa. In this article, recent Spotlight Award recipient K. Michelle Lewis explains how to use a project-based learning model to empower students to explore both music and solve real-world concerns, and how to align such a project to the National Core Arts Standards. ACEMM invites you to read “Contributing to a Better World: Project-Based Learning through Music”!